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Charming Vienna

discover - experience - enjoy

Tina Sumser accompanies you to the most enchanting gems in Vienna; hidden jewels that will put a smile on your face and a sparkle in your eyes. As she strolls with you through romantic Vienna with all its flair and variety she shows you hidden cafes with fascinating histories, romantic squares to take a pause, quaint Bistros, fine boutiques and the studios of Vienna’s trendy arts-scene. Walk among buildings reminiscent of by-gone ages, and typical Viennese shops with their original, quality products. French and Italian accents lend an unusual charm. This walk, with Tina at your side, leads to the middle of Vienna’s colourful marketplace and the most exciting culinary delight of Vienna. Fruit drinks and fine delicacies await you. Seductive scents and a myriad of colourful, fresh produce invite you to stop and savour the cuisine. Be tempted by regional organic cheeses, crispy country breads, homemade pickles, the finest sauerkraut, delicate hams, noble wines, balsamic vinegars and oils, aromatic herbs, colourful flowers and tempting chocolates. This incomparable experience is a delight for all your senses and culminates in one of the many exotic restaurants - you choose! Delicious, different, friendly, cosmopolitan, original and enchanting – typical Vienna. 

Gentleman`s Tour

For the gentlemen, a well-deserved end to a successful business day.

The program for your Gentlemen’s Tour can be combined as you wish: Culinary excursion - Shopping partner – Walks to special places off the mainstream. ViennaFlair is familiar with the extensive range of culinary delights and is always up to date with what’s new and exciting. Dive into real ViennaFlair! Tina Sumser takes you to casual bars, original bistros, famous Trattorias and the latest restaurants, and then to close she takes you up to the most popular roof-top terrace hot spots. The Gentlemen’s Tour offers you the chance to go shopping with your ViennaFlair partner, Tina Sumser, who introduces you to the most renowned Viennese menswear specialists; whether pin-stripe, shirt and tailored shoes for that elegant evening to the opera, Italian casual chic, or modern Austrian traditional Tracht. Tina Sumser knows where to go and can advise you with competence and experience.

Terrace dreams

Wonderful views

Vienna from the roof tops! Tina Sumser, your charming guide, whisks you up to the most elegant roof-top terraces in the heart of the city of music; the current hot-spots of the city. Enjoy a unique view of Vienna from above as Tina Sumser introduces you to the hip roof-top bars of Vienna. On the way you explore famous boulevards and narrow streets before rising up to Vienna’s glamourous roof-top terraces. Delight at the view of Vienna’s magnificent architecture, parks, churches, squares and streets, up to the gentle hills surrounding the city and down to the enchanting Danube River. Enjoy awesome panoramic views of the city from a comfortable armchair. Elegant terrace flair invites you to take a moment’s pause with an exotic drink and a Viennese delicacy, and meet and chat with local Viennese. Cosmopolitan meets Vienna charm on the roof top!

 5*Café & confectionary

Vanilla pastries chocolate streusel raspberry cream
apple strudel

VIENNAFLAIR 5* Café & confectionary Vanilla pastries chocolate streusel raspberry cream apple strudel Your companion loves sweet! She accompanies you to Vienna’s enchanting cafes, patisseries and chocolatiers off the beaten track. Your charming hostess on the sweet path to traditional Viennese cakes and French pastries is Tina Sumser! Snack on the finest Viennese cream slices, rum cups, chestnut macaroons, nut pastries, exquisite tartlets and cakes all lovingly baked by traditional royal confectioners. The journey continues to the world of French pastry; aromatic dark chocolate tartlets, fluffy eclairs, exquisite macarons, delicate lemon tarts, and the finest pralines with sugared petals await you in these sweet cafes. … and sometimes your guide succeeds in getting you a glimpse of the kitchens; a behind-the-scenes view, and possibly even a chat with one of the sweet artists! La vie est belle, à Vienne!

Vintage de Luxe

Chic nostalgique

Vintage de Luxe is an exceptional highlight. Saunter with Tina Sumser through the various districts of Vienna and discover romantic lanes full of extraordinary, first-class Viennese vintage boutiques. Be enchanted by the extensive assortment of refined designer clothing, second hand. A wonderful choice of dresses, evening gowns, costumes, pants, skirts, boots and bags. Personal advice and styling with Tina Sumser at your side ensures you come away fully confident and satisfied. There is much opportunity for a quick refreshment or languid coffee in any of the romantic restaurants, cafes, bistros, bars and parks along the way. Relax and take in the magic of Vienna.

Bonjour Wien

“At heart I am also French!”

And the door to my French heart is open to you! Let Tina Sumser show you Vienna’s secret French gems. Simply relax and discover the delicious range of French-Viennese treats. Tina has discovered the most unusual jewels of the French scene. Indulge in authentic bistros and elegant French restaurants. Quiches, bouillabaisse, tarts and galettes, in fact everything served is originally French. Mediterranean, Breton or Provence…. bon appétit! French fashion flair mixed with Viennese charm is magical; discover French designer shoes, fashion and interiors with Tina Sumser at your side. Tina Sumser accompanies you to the finest French patisseries with silver-look interiors, petit plats and rustic hot pots. Discover Vienna’s first champagne bar, French specialities and chic interiors lovingly crafted. Let French pralines melt in your mouth and chat to friendly French people. Make memorable contacts and simply revel in the variety and abundance of French Vienna. Bienvenue à Vienne!

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