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Enchanting wine regions
Hillside vineyards to the south of Vienna produce excellent wines. 

Enjoy a walk in the famous and charming wine region just outside of Vienna. Naturally, in the style of your ViennaFlair guide – exquisite and off the mainstream. The gentle hills to the south of Vienna offer a time for introspection with dreamy walks through picturesque wine gardens and quaint villages. Tina Sumser leads you informatively through the enchanting wine region and entices you into trying delicious regional specialities and exceptional wines at various famous Heurigen. Then lose yourself in a dreamy rose garden when the winelands glow golden in the evening sunset. Let yourself be enchanted by idyllic hideouts in the midst of untouched nature, between horse stables, barn yards and gentle green hills. Tina Sumser accompanies you to a quaint guesthouse lovingly managed since ‘bygone times’ in the middle of a shady chestnut grove teaming with vegetables and fruit. Choose from a range of crispy strudels and delicate tartlets, bacon snacks and buttermilk, soups and delicious scrambled eggs with pork and herbs – all lovingly prepared with fresh organic ingredients from the area. This romantic inn with its old coal oven is reminiscent of the charm of past centuries.


Vienna’s great lake

This excursion leads through the province of Burgenland and its famous lake Neusiedlersee. Charming lanes of cellars with their famous Heurigen, their delicious regional specialities and delicate wines await you. Friendly inn keepers invite you to savour their exquisite culinary specialities in quaint courtyards or an elegant Vinothek, and negotiations in a superbly stocked modern wine and delicatessen store is easily envisaged. The architectural gem of this unusual excursion is the chic lake-side restaurant with its exquisite views inviting you to rest, enjoy good company and breathe in the fresh lake air. Then, with the view of a golden sunset over the silvery lake and the soft rustle of bulrushes, we raise a glass of good wine and our outing comes to an end. Recharge your soul!

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